Omar A. Oyarzabal




Our laboratories have been teaching microbiologists the best methodologies for the isolation and identification of Campylobacter spp. from foods.


Campylobacteriosis is the most common foodborne disease in Canada and Europe, and is second to Salmonella in the United States. Although Campylobacter spp. have been recognized for more than 30 years, relatively few food microbiology laboratories test for Campylobacter spp. on a routine basis. Recent findings released by the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture (FSIS USDA) suggests that a high prevalence of Campylobacter, even after several years of HACCP implementation, is still found in processed broiler carcasses, and that enrichment of the samples is necessary to detect the presence of these bacteria in broiler carcass rinses. Now, there isa microbiology standard by FSIS USDA. Yet, there is a limited number of methods for Campylobacter isolation and identification.


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